Sunday, February 1, 2009

Come on now..

Two times in 24 hours I've had to go to the bathroom really badly. We're talking have to go like three minutes ago, gotta go. (a little side note: I absolutely HATE going to the bathroom in public. I once made my parents drive home early from dinner at a restaurant that is 45 minutes from home. I really don't like going in public)

Well, both times I had to go involved someone standing in the way. The first time? Shopping. Left to go home and of course, the furnace guy was in our basement bathroom working on the furnace. (we are re-doing our upstairs bathroom so that toilet was not an option) I was rocking back to keep from going. I'm not kidding when I say that I almost went in the back yard.

Second time? Target. Shopping (again). Finally got up the nerve to go. Check out and proceed to walk at a rapid pace to the bathroom. Bam! Ran right into the closed sign. Seriously?

I drive home at a pretty rapid speed. Walk in the door, greet hubby and run downstairs. As I'm running down the stairs he shouts, "Make sure the toilet works!" Wait.. what? So I calmly, er, not so calmly, ask him what I should do if it doesn't. His thoughts? "Go in the back yard, I guess?"

Seriously? Back yard? What.. is this 1896?


Anonymous said...

hahaha. That is sooo funny! I'm with ya, girl. It's my home or not at all.I hope you got to do your thing;-)

Courtney M. said...

I'm in Laurel. We're so close!

Lindsey said...

You won't go #1 or #2? I hate going #2 in public. Everytime I walk into Wal-mart I have to go. I think it's the lighting or something...