Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guest Blogger..

Hey ya'll! Zoey here.. my mommy is still a little dizzy from the blonde vertigo, so I'm going to blog for her today!

Just a few things you should know about my mommy:

  • She's the coolest chick I know. Seriously. She feeds me, walks me, and lets me cuddle with her all night long. Even when I'm taking up more than my fair share of the bed.
  • She spoils me rotten. I used to have to fight for her attention, now I get it all the time. In a dog's world, this is the best thing you could ask for. 100% attention por moi.
  • She's a sucker for my cuteness. I totally use this to my advantage and sometimes I sneak under the covers with her so I can cuddle even closer. She thinks I'm trying to keep her warm, but really? I'm just trying to cuddle as close as possible so she doesn't want to get out of bed and go to work.
A few things you should know about me:
  • I'm secretly kind of naughty. I don't like to do really naughty things like chew her clothes or shoes, but I do like to steal things off the counter and place them on the couch. Things I like to steal include potatoes, mommy's markers for school, her slippers, and the remote.
  • I steal from my mommy. Grandma made her a really nice fleece blanket for Christmas and every morning I steal it from the back of the couch and take it to my spot on the couch to cuddle with. I'm hoping one day she will forget to put it on the back of the couch so I don't have to work as hard to make it perfect to cuddle with.
  • I love chasing cats. I never get close to them because my mommy always stops me, but I wish I could just check them out face-to-face.
  • I have stolen the hearts of many people in my mommy's life. I love my grandma, great grandma (even though she claims she doesn't like dogs, she loves me! She even lets me lay on her couch. She doesn't even let my uncle Tucker do that and he lives with her!), my grandpa, and my Auntie Sara. Auntie Sara and my Grandma even talk to me in high pitched voices and call me cute nicknames like Zo bo and Zo Zo's. My Uncle Tucker even likes me and mommy's friends think I'm cute. Even the ones who aren't dog lovers.
  • I love to leave my hair everywhere so mommy and her friends don't forget about me. Mommy loves to clean up my fur. I don't know why she keeps doing it, I'm just going to shed even more once she cleans it up.
  • My priorities in life include, sleeping as much as possible, cuddling, and being 100% cute.
On that note, I'd better get back to cuddling with my mommy. I don't want her to get too cold if I'm sitting here typing. I mean, she's lucky to have me around. It gets cold in this joint from time to time, so I better go sit on her lap while she watches tv. You know, keep her warm and all. How else am I going to get my belly rubbed?

Peace out, girl scouts blog friends!


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