Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today I ran a 5k. Without any training. Seriously, zero training. Unless you count tossing back a few beers last night or chasing the dog in the yard.

I ran it in 37 minutes with a 9 year old girl by my side.

It was 34 degrees. I was cold.

Now I"m inspired. I just need to get some cold weather running pants. Any runners out there who may have some suggestions? I wore Under Armor leggings with cotton pants over them and I was cold. I don't know if it was because it was really windy or what. But it was COLD.



Jenny said...

Personally, I say you hold off on running until it gets warmer - but that's just my typical strategy. I can't take the cold.

I wish I had known you were running! Was this at Town Center? If so, I was there too and I would have loved to meet you.

CMae said...

My thought. NEver run unless you are being chased. End thought. LOL

Jessis said...

I've been wearing those thicker tights (made by Nike?) and then just shorts over them. They're the same ones they used in cross country in high school. They did fine for me when it was windy/cold in Fort Wayne over Thanksgiving (wind chill was around 15 at the time). I think I got them at Dick's ... ?? Plus they go down into your shoes so you don't have any skin showing.