Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{It's been awhile...}

Sorry about that. Wish I had some really awesome story about how a pteradactyl attacked me, but the reality is.. it was just life getting in the way.
Here's what's been going on around these parts...
  • Finished my SECOND 1/2 marathon this weekend. Beat my time by 14 minutes. That's pretty huge. Please don't think I'm some super runner, it's really because I ran very slowly the first race. Plus, I knew what I was doing the second time around. That always helps.
  • I now have 8 students. Yes, you read that correctly. I started with 2. I'm at 8. I freakin' quadrupled my class in less than 8 months. Oh and my super-awesome, ridiculously-supportive assistant? She had the audacity to move. Gah. My life was turned upside down rather quickly. Basically I'm lucky to be alive right now. {OK.. I'm being dramatic, but you get my drift}
  • I'm planning a totally fantastic bridal shower for the cuz. You should be jealous that I'm not your MOH. I'm rockin' this shower.
  • My kiddos are totally wild and crazy, but oh-so-darned-cute. I have a few who have really turned out some awesome comments. Of course, I can't remember them now. I *promise* to be better about writing them down. For some reason, I seem to have my hands full every second of the day with those hooligans, so remember a funny comment is really difficult. But I will work on it. Promise.
That's it for now. I'll be back, soon. Hopefully. If not, send a search party. Mmmmmkay?


Nat said...

Congrats on the second half marathon- way to go!! Good luck with the kids as always!

LWLH said...

I was wondering where you got to! :)