Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day

Wow! The first day not only flew by, it was FABULOUS! My kids were great, my new Teaching Assistant is seriously like my right arm. It helps that we've worked together in the past and we're friends. Seriously, I think she completed my sentences every time I talked to her.

Funny of the day:

"Ms. L.. we doing science today?" said Little Man.

I replied, "Nope, social studies this week. Science next week."

"Ugh. I didn't come to school to learn social studies!" he shouted.

Um, welcome to the real world my friend. You have a lifetime full of disappointments ahead of you, get used to it.

My only complaint from today is that my feet are killing me. I forgot what it was like to stand for 8 hours straight. Oh, and I'm really tired of hearing myself talk.


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