Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Other Mother

aka: MOM

So.. I have another mother. Not in a "I have two mommies" kind of way. Except it kind of is.

It all started about 11 years ago. I was dating my high school sweetheart. His mother is a wonderful woman. Being the wonderful woman that she was, she attended my high school sporting events and because of that she and my mom became fast friends. They were pretty good friends and vowed that no matter what happened between their children, they would still be friends.

Then her son and I broke up.

They were still friends. I hated her son. And her daughter (who hated me just as much, for the record!). But I still liked her. So she was a part of the family. When I grew up and moved away, my parents still joined her family on holidays, and she joined our family on vacations. And I totally ended up liking her children again. In fact, her daughter moved to DC and I get to have sleepovers with her like we're in middle school. Except we're all grown up and responsible and shiz.

Mommy and MOM remained best friends. They were there for each other through everything.. a divorce, a child's divorce, my grandmother falling ill, grandpa passing, and my dad passing. And plenty of happy times, too.

Once the dust settled after my dad passed away, Mommy just couldn't stand living alone (she had never done it, ladies. Can you imagine?!) and invited MOM to move in.

Now my two mommies live together.

And I sound like a weirdo when I begin telling a story about my moms. People take that way differently than it's intended,. Then I feel all awkward because I'm all like, "No! My mom has a roommate. Er.. housemate. Her bestie. My dad died and she moved in.. wait, they're not lesbians. Not that there's anything wrong with lesbians, but they aren't lesbians. They are just roommates who happen to be best friends."

It makes for a really awkward convo.

But yes, I'm Lori and I have two mommies. You should totally be jealz because moms are the best and I have two of them.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The First Time

The first time... It's super awkward. You don't really know how it's going to start or end. Butterflies are a'fluttering and your palms are sweaty. Words kind of escape you. Figuring out the right thing to say is tough.

Then you do it.

And you feel better.

I totally did it.

I posted for the first time on a blog I've been stalking for quite some time. Her name is Vodka Mom. She's hilarious and has no idea that I stalk her. But I totally have a girl crush on her and have always wanted to comment, but never knew what to say.

Then I did it. And I felt better.

{I heart good news}

Today started off a little rough... to the point that I was afraid I wasn't going to make it. Let's just say it's not always fun being the boss. Then I had a meeting with my team for next school year-- we're trying to get ahead of the game. That meeting was met with some resistance, some panic, and utter chaos.

Then I headed home to clean. I'm expecting company this weekend-- a college pal that I haven't seen in 6 years. Man did we ever have some crazy times in college. Stories I'm sure we'll relive this weekend.

But the best part? I finalized the plans for my new place. Complete with a roommate that I adore. I'm cutting my monthly rent by $150 plus splitting utilities. Can I get a woohoo?

Then, Mommy and I finalized plans for me to go home.

Then she offered to come out to help me move. (I'll take another woohoo on that one! Mommy gets to visit and I get help moving. Yes, please!)

Then we figured out a way for my other mother (remind me to tell you about that..) to ride home with me on my trip back from Michigan. Meaning I have another passenger besides Zoey. You know, one who will actually talk back to me and engage in some conversation. That will make the 10 hour drive totally bearable. Plus, Zoey will get a lap to sit on that isn't in the driver's seat. (I'm sure the other drivers on the road will appreciate that one)

An all around good day, I'd say.

Plus tomorrow is the last day of Summer School. Meaning my summer actually starts tomorrow. For two weeks. But I'll take it.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Someone has a case of the Monday's.
I'll give you one guess.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New ink...

New tattoo to honor my dad. His birthday in Roman numerals. The geranium was touched up and the h was added in honor of my grandma.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Foul Mouth

I pink puffy heart routines. Love them with a burning passion. (I mean, I pick out my outfit {jewelry included} the night before-- I'm a train wreck) My day goes smoothly because everything I do is in the same order.
My AM routine includes: alarm, Zoey outside, feed Zoey, shower, lay in bed and look at facebook, get up, blow-dry my hair, do my make up, do my hair, clothes on, take Zoey out to do her business, brush my teeth, grab my breakfast/lunch, out the door.
Since I dropped the little munchkin off to frolic with her friends, while I frolick with my family back in MI, my morning routine was sort of out of whack. And by sort of, I mean really.
You can imagine my surprise when I realized (halfway to work) that I forgot to brush my teeth.
Seriously, Lori? Seriously.
Thank goodness I carry a toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse. Just in case.

Perfect Proposal...

Before you go and get any ideas, I AM NOT in the market for being proposed to. In fact, it's a non-issue at this point. The Boy and I are happy with things the way they are.
With that being said, I've been watching way too much television this summer (that's what happens when you work 1/2 days AND there's a holiday weekend, plus you're dog sitting kind of in the middle of nowhere) and much of that television included romantic comedies and "Say Yes to the Dress!". So weddings are on the brain.
So I've been thinking about ironic and/or crazy proposals.
Let me preface this by saying, I have a warped sense of humor and some of these are not my idea of the perfect proposal, just sayin'.
For the computer saavy bride-to-be...
A facebook proposal that has status updates or comments that say Will. You. Marry. Me? Because we all know it ain't true if it ain't on facebook!
For the wine lover...
A wine tasting that has four bottles of wine and the labels are turned around. When the lady or gent turns the bottles around to see what the wine is, the words are printed on each bottle.
And... that's all I can think of. I'll come up with more. Promise.
Until then? Send me some of yours!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blonde Moments...

The hair is usually assisted with some color every 3 months or so, but those roots? They're deep. I follow in my mother's footsteps for being a wee how do I say this? Air-headed. Forgetful. Absent-minded. And certainly naive.
You get the picture. I'm a bit of a flake sometimes. It's totally accidental and people still love me. Sometimes they think it's rather endearing.
Let me give you some examples... lest you think I'm exaggerating.
While dog sitting, I notice a rather unusual looking wooden "thing" in the yard. Being curious, I stuck my head right into the opening. BAM! Bird flew out. I hate birds. Deathly afraid of them. Screaming ensues.. One may wonder, "Lori.. if you saw a wooden thing with a hole in the yard, wouldn't you instantly assume birdhouse? I mean, really?!"
While in Italy there was an old well in the winery. They casually mention they've been using the well for centuries. When nobody was looking, I touched it. Water went everywhere. I screamed. The Boy asked me why I touched it and I obviously answered, "Because I wanted to see if it worked!" He rolled his eyes and was all like, "Remember when they said they've been using it for centuries? That means they still uses it and it still works!" Oops.
I'm noticing a trend. I'm curious as hell-o and it seems to get the best of me.
And I scream. A lot.
I'm just like my mother. ::eye roll::

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yay or nay?

Can I wear this hairstyle to work and still be taken seriously as the boss? Keep in mind, I'm a late twenties teacher in charge of 20 other teachers and assistants, most of whom are older than me. I have interaction with kids and parents, too.

Oh and at least two people have commented that I'm young. But, I assure you I'm pretty profesh when it comes to dealing with others and I know my stuff.

Thoughts? Cute, yes? But classy enough to play the part of boss? Help!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peeing In Private is SO Overrated

Or, why it's so much fun to hang out with three needy dogs.
I'm a "pee with the door open kinda gal". Zoey? She minds the boundaries, most of the time. Except, when she doesn't and she's all in my face, wagging her tail, "Mommy I must get some lovin' from you RIGHT now!" and I oblige because, let's be real, she's spoiled rotten.
Imagine my surprise when I'm dog/house sitting and rather than one needy little bugger, I have three. Not a problem, right? Wrong. I only have 2 hands. Oh and let's remember, I'm trying to do my biz-naz. Let's add in there a few nights of fireworks (two dogs are shaking and barking at every.single.firework) and a night of bad storms.
So, I've decided peeing in private is so overrated. It's way more fun to pee with three dogs watching me.