Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sometimes things in life have a funny way of working out.

Today, as I was driving to grad class talking on the phone to my mom (don't tell anyone, it's against the law to drive without a hands free device.. and I totally was not rocking the bluetooth. Oops.) she was explaining the options for the headstone for my dad. We were discussing options, talking about what he would have wanted and what we wanted to celebrate his life. As we were doing so, my mom made mention to the Old English D for the Detroit Tigers or a lighthouse. Both were things my dad loved very much.

I was driving right next to Baltimore-Washington International when a plane literally almost landed right in front of me. I *may* have screamed because I was afraid it was going to miss the runway and land on my head. Of course, it wasn't going to. I'm just a little dramatic like that.

This is what almost landed on me.

If you look closely, near the tail/jet you will see the Old English D with the tiger in it.

Call it fate, call it divine intervention, call it God... whatever it was, it was a sign. It sent chills through my entire body.

Don't worry, Dad. We got the D. We wouldn't have done it any other way.


Lori's Mom said...

Darned right we got the famous D! Seems your dad was sending a pretty pointed message to both of us on that one. Love you tons!

Lil' Woman said...

Wow, what a sign!

Karen Siddiqi said...

Just stumbled on your blog...What a cool way to honor your dad! My dad turned my bedroom into the "Tiger Den" about 4 nanoseconds after I moved out and it's still blue and orange and hideously paying homage to the Tigers, themed curtains and all :).