Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blonde Moments...

The hair is usually assisted with some color every 3 months or so, but those roots? They're deep. I follow in my mother's footsteps for being a wee bit...er... how do I say this? Air-headed. Forgetful. Absent-minded. And certainly naive.
You get the picture. I'm a bit of a flake sometimes. It's totally accidental and people still love me. Sometimes they think it's rather endearing.
Let me give you some examples... lest you think I'm exaggerating.
While dog sitting, I notice a rather unusual looking wooden "thing" in the yard. Being curious, I stuck my head right into the opening. BAM! Bird flew out. I hate birds. Deathly afraid of them. Screaming ensues.. One may wonder, "Lori.. if you saw a wooden thing with a hole in the yard, wouldn't you instantly assume birdhouse? I mean, really?!"
While in Italy there was an old well in the winery. They casually mention they've been using the well for centuries. When nobody was looking, I touched it. Water went everywhere. I screamed. The Boy asked me why I touched it and I obviously answered, "Because I wanted to see if it worked!" He rolled his eyes and was all like, "Remember when they said they've been using it for centuries? That means they still uses it and it still works!" Oops.
I'm noticing a trend. I'm curious as hell-o and it seems to get the best of me.
And I scream. A lot.
I'm just like my mother. ::eye roll::