Thursday, October 13, 2011

Have you seen them?

I may have lost my marbles. Quite literally. And figuratively.
Literally? Well, roomie handed me two red marbles and said, "I wanted to return these to you. Nahla (her dog) was chewing on them. I'm so sorry, I'm not sure when she got them, but here they are." I stared blankly. Continued to stare blankly. She then replied, "They are yours, right? They aren't mine. So they have to be yours." Blank stare. "Uh.. I have no idea what those are or where they came from. They aren't mine."
Fast forward a week...
The roommate walks in and says, "Hey L, I found some more of those marbles. This time Zoey was eating them. Are you sure they aren't yours? Zoey was chewing on them in your bed. And last week when Nahla had them, she came from your room."
I'm positive they aren't mine. But they keep coming from my room. And I have no idea where the dogs could have found these marbles. Seriously, nothing in my life has marbles in it. It's not like there's some decoration with marbles. Or a toy with marbles. But, the dogs keep finding marbles in my room. I think they are doing it to torture me. It's working.
Well.. work is a big ball of stress. My kiddos are having a hard time with the addition of our new old friend. As a result, I only get
approximately .08% of the teaching done I should be doing. And I spend a lot of time sighing, banging my head, and cursing inside my brain.
Yup. That's how we roll around here. Marbles are everywhere!


Lil' Woman said...

What a I want to know where the damn marbles are coming from.