Sunday, December 18, 2011


Little Big Man came in with a new t-shirt today. It was, uh, a little inappropriate.

It said, "I love my wiener" with a picture of a wiener dog. The best part? Trying to explain to him why the shirt was inappropriate. I said something to the effect of, "Your shirt is talking about wiener dogs, but not everyone understands that. Someone might think you're talking about your, uh, well, uh, privates."

When he went to time out (in another room with another adult), he told the adult, "My shirt is appropriate. It's talking about wieners. Your wiener is your private." Yes, he totally meant inappropriate but said it wrong. The adult was all sorts of confused.

Um.. hello? You sent your child in to school with a shirt referencing wieners? Wow. Klassy.


Emm said...

Ha ha ha! I am pretty sure God must be having a hard time too;)