Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sorry for the absence. No excuses. Just life. I'm training for a half marathon and, well.. that sh!t just gets in the way. I use that term because, well, I'm not a runner and therefore it's more like torture than pleasure. So, it's preeeeeety sh!tty.

I will leave you this little gem of a conversation between me and my beloved running buddy (i.e. the lovely "friend" who twisted my arm to run 13.1 miles. Which, by the way, happens to be approximately 13 miles longer than I prefer to run!) on facebook. Obviously the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Long Legged Lucy: Note to self: if you run through mud and then allow your shoes to dry but do not clean them off, you will have mud in your carpet. Genius.
Me: I made the same mistake. Except Nicole told me to jump up and down, causing there to be three times as much mud on the wood floors. Equally as dumb.

Long Legged Lucy: Did you have a total freak out that it was dog poop at first? Because I did. Then I remembered that we walked up that hill.

Me: I was more freaked that my shoes were muddy at any given point. Then I remembered it made us legit runners and I wasn't sad anymore.

We totally aren't legit runners (well, she is but I'm just a poser..) but we felt like it after completing 5 miles on a blistery Saturday. I should also note that for the first 3 miles I complained non-stop about having to make a pit stop to go #2 until she finally caved and let me go. Something about running makes me have to poop. Weird.


Jessis said...

I love you. Also, remember to email Caroline! Also we need to get some of those disgusting gels!

6 miles Saturday!

Lori's Mom said...

Like mother, like daughter! Can only do about 20 minutes in the morning on the treadmill cuz then I have to take a bathroom break. Every time. Without fail.

Lil' Woman said...

I'm afraid that would happen to me...nobody needs a poopy runner.