Friday, May 11, 2012

Things cute kids say...

Some of the better quotes from the past few days....
"Eeeeeeew! He just spit. I just stepped in second hand spit. I really hope he doesn't have a sickness. I better make sure I don't put my shoes in my mouth, just in case."  ~Hold up. Second hand spit? Doesn't exist. Also, I'm pretty sure you should never put your shoes in your mouth, regardless of what you stepped in. It's just the sanitary thing to do.
"Whoa! Look at that blazing ball of blindness in the sky."
~Nice use of alliteration. Guess someone paid attention during our poetry unit.
"I'm pretty sure not everyone loves glitter as much as you do. I don't think my mommy would like pink glitter. She's not weird like you." ~Listen up, kid.I'm not weird. I'm normal. If your mom doesn't like pink glitter, that's her problem. Not mine. You should still rock the pink glitter and tell her to suck it up. In my class? We use pink. And we like it. As evidenced by all of my boys answering pink! when asked their favorite color. Booyah. I win. Score one for the pink lovers of the world.
"Do you really think I like being here? It's like torture!" ~Wow! For once we actually agree! Putting up with your shenanigans really is a medieval torture chamber. Either that or I'm a masochist.
These kids crack me up. It's a wonder I can actually keep a straight face when they throw these lines at me.
In other awesome-sauce news in my classroom, this was the first year I've gotten Teacher Appreciation Week gifts! Of course it's not all about the gifts, but really? I put up with your child for a really long time. Your super naughty child. The one who throws things at me and tells me to shut the f*ck up. You could send me a cookie. I do love cookies. But this year? I got gifts everyday this week. And not just from the parent who is a teacher. From more than half of my kids. I'm pretty spoiled this year. None of the other teachers on my team got gifts. Not a single one.
My favorite gift? The pink dry erase marker. Hell yeah. Pink? And I can use it on my board. Booyah.


LWLH said...

Your kids crack me up!
I love reading these.