Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, let me first tell you.. I have two wonderful dogs. Two VERY different dogs.

Leila, the big dog, is a black lab. She's as beautiful as they come. She's also high maintenance, full of anxiety, and occasionally as annoying as they come (because she's high maintenance and full of anxiety). But, she's our first puppy and we love her anyway. And... she's beautiful.

Zoey, our little dog, is a mutt. The pound called her a beagle/whippet mix. Others say Jack Russel/something mix. I'm leaning now towards the Jack. She's a doll. A true gem. She's not beautiful in any way, shape, or form. She's just cute. She's white.. with polka dots.. and does some of the craziest things. She might be a cat with all the time she spends sleeping, cuddling, and laying in the sun looking out the window.

Well.. right now I hate them both equally. Little one decided it would be fun to play. So.. she threw her rope in the air a few times and one landed on me. I threw it back at her and scolded her for hitting mommy with a rope. Well.. then she threw it again (seriously, threw it from her mouth) and it hit the coffee table. To which big dog couldn't get enough of and jumped at it.. scrambled some papers (yes, I need to clean) and then took off after the little one.

Now? I have Wrestle Mania in the living room. Sweet for me.


Jessica said...

I'm telling you that this is a good thing -- then they tire themselves out!!