Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, here I am. I have been reading blogs that others have and decided I wanted to join the world of blogging. Of course, it's a return to the world of blogging. While I was traveling overseas, I had a blog. But somehow this seems different. Maybe because I don't really have a point to it. I have creative license to do whatever it is I want. And, I don't really have an audience. But J and I came up with like seven readers, so she thinks I do have a point.

Anyway, I can't guarantee anything with this. It may be ramblings of my ditzy life. It may have stories of the kiddos I teach. It may be dog stories. It probably will be a combination of all of the above.

And.. I just have to post this story because it was the selling point in wanting a blog.

So, every time I drive by a Hummer... I want to scream, "HA HA SUCKA! I get better gas mileage than you!" But usually it involves some profanity because it's in my head and it probably includes me doing some sort of crazy hand movement towards them. Nothing bad. Just silly. Of course, I look way better in my head than I probably look to everyone else.

On the flip side... every time I drive by a Prius, I want to cower. I feel like they are judging me and my grandma car. Whatever. I don't have a car payment.