Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bathroom Humor...

Serious bathroom humor. Literally, it's about the bathroom.

Okay, so little guy comes up to me and whispers in my ear, "I have to go p-o-o-p!" (and he spelled it like that, too!).

Me: Um.. okay, you can go to the bathroom.
Little Guy (LG): I can't.
Me: Why not?
LG: It's not like a home toilet.
Me: Well.. what do you think we should do? I can't have any accidents in my room and I can tell you really have to go.
LG: I have to go home.
Me: Not an option. How about a more private bathroom? Like in the nurse's office.
LG: Okay.

We walk down there.. there happens to be a cricket in the bathroom. I suggest he kill it. He wants to save it. I didn't want an accident, so we saved it.

While he's in the bathroom he begins talking to me. Not thinking, I replied. Then I realize, "Seriously? You're holding a convo. with a child taking a crap. What is wrong with you?" I had to get out of there. I ran. Up to my room. And died laughing.

Seriously, I'm losing my mind.