Monday, November 17, 2008

Snow Blower?

Last night Hubby informed me that Target had a snow blower on sale for 95% off of $299... it was $16.

We don't really have that big of a need for a snow blower in Maryland, but for $16? We bought it. With shipping it will cost us $40 total. That's a steal!

And.. I should mention that there are snow flurries in the forecast for tomorrow! Of course, it's not what my parents have in Michigan.. you know, supposed to get up to 6 inches tonight.


suburban prep said...

Hubby has some friends at work who bought 6 and 8 of those snow blowers. They will be giving some as gifts this Christmas. they figure a 300.00 item for 15.00 they couldn't pass it up. You got yourself a deal.

Rhea said...

What!? A snow blower for a couple of bucks? Incredible.

my mid mid-life crisis said...

Suburban Prep.. do you have a blog? I've seen you on here a few times, and I'd love to check out what you're writing about! :)