Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh Boy..

Just overheard:
Lil Smarty Pants: Ms. L, I have something to say but it's not kind. But it is helpful.
Me: Hmm.. not kind, but helpful? Why don't you whisper it to me?
Lil' Smarty Pants: (stage whisper) Lil Miss Diva's breath smells like she didn't brush her teeth. That's the not kind part. But you should brush your teeth everyday so you don't get cavaties. That's the helpful part.
Me: Lil' Miss Diva, is this true? You didn't brush your teeth?
Lil' Miss Diva: (proudly) Nope! I don't ever brush my teeth! NEVER, ever, ever! I'm going to hold the world record for never brushing my teeth!
Me: Oh my.
A few minutes later...
Lil Man: Ms. L!!!!!!!
Me: Yes, Lil Man?
Lil Man: Lil Smarty Pants just had his hands in his privacy area!
Me: Lil Smarty Pants, we don't touch our privates at school.
Lil Smarty Pants: First of all, yes we do. When you go to the bathroom, you have to touch your privates or you'll pee on the floor. And second of all, I was just re-arranging. There's not enough space in there.


Allison said...

You should write a book :) too funny!!

Lori's Mom said...

I love, love, love your kids! When the stress of the adult drama starts to overwhelm you, just sit back and appreciate the joy that those kids bring to you and know that you continue to make a positive impact on their lives.

Anonymous said...