Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Trees

Not that I have to worry about that this year. You know, Punta Cana and all.

The Boy, Maryland BFF, and Maryland BFF's husband and I were all discussing Christmas decorations. We had the great Christmas Tree Debate. You know, what kind of lights, bulbs, decorations, etc.

The Boy prefers colored lights (preferably the big ones, you know.. circa 1983) with many different colored ornaments and tinsel. Lots of tinsel. There can never be enough tinsel, lights, or color.

I don't.

Give me a tree with white lights, red, green, and silver bulbs (with glitter, natch). A star on top, maybe.

The Boy just couldn't believe I would sacrifice the 1980's lights AND the 1980's bulbs for white lights and tri-color bulbs. Um.. hello? Has he met me? I like things just so. I do not. I repeat. Do NOT like clutter. He thinks only a grinch would give up the color. I believe his exact words were, "You're a scrooge."

He also made mention of a silver tree. I about fainted. My poor heart can't deal with that insanity.


Jamie said...

haha! My dad loves the big bulbs too but I'm a white light kind of girl too :)

Jenny said...

My husband is with you. As a result, all the lights in our house are white (many were used to decorate for our wedding reception the Saturday before Christmas 13 years ago).

I, however, would love to have colored lights, at least hanging in our front window. I love the tackiness at Christmas!

(But I do love the classy white lights around our house.)

Ashley said...

Oh lord- big bulbs are so out of style. White lights rule!

Lil' Woman said...

I suggested color lights but Big Man liked the white lights...I miss those big colored bulbs.