Monday, December 20, 2010

If you give a girl a scarf..

My name is Lori and I am a shopaholic.

Retail therapy is the best therapy. You see, when you're angry, shopping makes you smile. When you're nervous, shopping can calm you. The best retail therapy happens when you're sad, too. It not only gives you instant gratification, but it makes you feel just as good the next day because you're wearing something new. And not only can I shop, I can rationalize just about anything.

Well... Mommy dearest gave me a scarf. She bought it because scarves are the "in" thing. But she didn't like it, so she gave it to me. However, it's not really in my color scheme (I wear black, grey, white, and more black) and I just needed something to wear with it. I had the perfect outfit picked out-- crisp white button down and striking khaki's. Sounds good, right? Except the khaki's I was thinking about don't exist anymore. They were a casualty of the life of a teacher. They were washed with colored paper that bled all over the load.

What's a girl to do when she doesn't have what she wants to wear the next day? Shop. Duh.

So, if you give a girl a scarf, chances are, she's going to have to shop for new khaki's. When the store doesn't have her khaki's, she'll need a second choice. When the second choice involves a different cami, chances are she'll have to find a new one. When she finds the top she's looking for, she'll look for a new scarf to go with it. The new scarf will be in the coat section. If she heads to the coat section, she'll probably find a new coat that she just has to have because her old coat is black and her beloved Zoey is white. And of course, the coat will just make her want a new scarf.

I still need those khaki's. Damn.


Lil' Woman said...

Not that's how a girl justifies her spending, good job!

Lori's Mom said...

Gee . . . wonder where you learned those shopping justification thoughts! Love ya!