Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Life in Tattoos

I was inspired by Heather over at Live. Love.Laugh and then by Fail Blog's Ugliest Tattoos to share my tattoos and the inspiration behind them.

Tattoo #1: Right Hip
. When I turned 18, two of my girlfriends and I went to get tattoos. We all wanted them in the same place, but ended up getting different colors and they got theirs on their left hip. It was pink and purple, but it's really faded. This is almost 10 years old. Wow!

Tattoo #2/#3: Right Foot
{cursive L}
This was originally a black line cross, but I didn't like that it looked like a prison tattoo so I decided to spruce it up a bit. I covered it up with a cursive L for my first name. I love that it's small, but delicate and in a pretty neat location. I always think that I don't want my tattoos to show if I was in a wedding dress. This accents heels very nicely and looks great with sandals.

Tattoo #4: Left rib cage
I have a few OCD tendencies and couldn't stand that my left side was bare. When I thought about what I wanted and where to get it, I was inspired by one of Rihanna's tattoos on her rib cage. The geranium is inspired by my grandfather. We used to travel to Mackinac Island in the summer and geraniums are all over the Grand Hotel. We used to talk about how lovely the red flower looked against the white hotel. He passed away 7 years ago and I knew I wanted to honor him in a meaningful way. This is my most recent tattoo, from 3 years ago.

Because tattoos are addicting (just ask anyone who has one-- most of them will admit they want more) and because I have lost two other loved ones, I am planning on getting something in their honor. For my grandmother, I am thinking another geranium. But, I'm a little worried I'll look like I have a bouquet on my ribs. For my dad, I am going to get his birth date in roman numerals going down my rib cage. Again, I want something meaningful, but also want some balance. I think the masculinity of the roman numerals and the softness of the location will look very nice. And the vertical will look pretty cool going down my ribcage.

What about you ladies out there? Are you tatted up? If so, please share!


Lil' Woman said...

I have four tats and def. plan on getting more.

1. A butterfly flying and my name on my lower back (yup, I got a trampstamp)
2. I have a cross on my right shoulder
3. A chinese symbol that means friendship on my left hip. I got it with an ex friend when I was 18 and want to cover it up now.
4. I have the "Fear Not Thee Unknown" going down my right ribcage.

...this girl's life... said...

I want to be involved again when you get the new ones. I say when you come in July. Just plan on it, mmmkay?

...this girl's life... said...

I wanna be involved again when you get the new ones. I say when you come in July. Just plan on it, mmmkay?