Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Puss 'n Boots...

Me: Let's use sound spelling to write that word. Get ready. What sound do you hear first in puss?
Lil big man: Ew! You said a bad word!
Lil man: Puss n Boots is a bad word? (tears begin flowing...)
Me: No, darling. Puss is a lovable character in a movie.
Lil big man: It sounds like what my brother calls me.
Me: Your brother calls you puss? That's not nice to call someone a cat.
Lil big man: I didn't know p*$$y meant cat.
Lil man: So how do I spell p*$$y?

Oh my. Disney, please refrain from using names like that in popular movies. Mmmmkay?

Also, a kid told me his dad sat on him. I really wanted the details, but we were getting ready to move along. I mean, those kind of stories are always better from the mouths of babes. It wasn't until his mom called that I got the details. Apparently his dad sat on him because he was being silly and they were play fighting.

I can't wait to have kids so I can sit on them.


LW said...

Sitting on kids....what a pastime...lol :)