Thursday, August 6, 2009


Okay.. I know there are a bunch of readers out there who are teachers. I'm looking for some advice on literacy centers and morning message/meeting ideas. I'm trying to re-vamp some things for this year and I KNEW you all would be able to help!



Abby said...

Hi! I teach kindergarten and have lots of ideas for K-1st if you're interested :)

I love sharing and hearing other great ideas too.

What grade do you teach?

PS. Where in MI are you from? I have family in Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Tawas City, Novi, and Ortonville. We vaca at the Homestead in Glen Arbor every July :)

Scott said...

How about the Derek Zoolander Center for children who can't read good, and other stuff. -Just kidding, of course.

Anonymous said...

I used to teach 3rd grade. During morning meeting, I always liked to find a way for everyone to have said hello to other classmates. We would sit in a circle and toss a ball back and forth to one another until EVERY LAST STUDENT was told "Hello, I'm glad you're here today (insert name)" by another student.

As far as literacy circles, what grade do you teach? Is there a certain theme you'd like to do? Sometimes I'd give the students 3 different options of books all centered around the same theme. Then the students got to pick the book of their choice. This way they were making the choice by themselves. Then we'd compare all the books.

BTW... thanks for the hot sauce link.

Anonymous said...

ok... umm... I thought I was a follower of yours. No wonder why I wondered why I haven't seen your blog in awhile. I must have accidentally clicked off of it.