Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tell me how you really feel...

Background: Monday and Tuesday I rocked the glasses instead of contacts. My eyes were screaming for a break, so I gave in and picked out outfits accordingly. (Yes, I have certain outfits that are okay for glasses and others that are contacts only.. I'm strange, I realize this)

Today when I was lining the kids up...

Little Man: "Mrs. L, where are your glasses? Can you even see us?"

Me: (chuckling..) "Oh, I decided to wear my contacts today. Yes, I can see you because
contacts are like glasses that are in your eyes."

Little Man: "Wow! It's like having a new, prettier teacher!"

Me: "Aw, thanks. Wait.. I'm prettier without my glasses? Bummer..."

Kids really do tell it like it is.


Anonymous said...

haha!!! last time I saw my nieces, I had just finished doing my hair and she looked at me and said, "wow, Aunt Heidi, you really do like everything to by big and fluffy" was that a compliment or an insult? hehe!

Lil' Woman said...

Little kids are honest to a tee.