Thursday, October 29, 2009

If only you would listen...

Dear Pups,

Remember how I told you not to go into the mud at the dog park and you chose not to listen? Yeah, that's why you had to get a bath tonight. I know how you feel about baths, and believe me, I don't always care to give you a bath (all the shaking is really a pain in my behind..) but I just can't have you running around the house with muddy paws. Especially you, Little Dog. You think your "Queen of the House" status is going to fly with muddy paws? Think again.

I promise you, I don't tell you to stay out of the mud because you're missing the world's greatest playground. In fact, the other dogs know well enough to stay out of it because they don't want baths, so it's not even like you were chasing other dogs in it and forgot the rules. No, no. You two were the only dogs playing in the mud like a bunch of pigs. Even when I shouted at you to come, you came like good little girls and then went right back into it.

I'm trying to make friends here and you keep ruining it for me because you just can't stay out of the mud. Do you think those other ladies want to be friends with the dirty dogs' mom? Nope. Do you think they are talking about us behind our backs once we leave? Yup.

How about tomorrow you just listen to me. I promise I'll make it worth your effort. Puppy ice cream, anyone?

Your loving (and always right) Mommy