Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life? It ain't fair...

We went on a field trip today to a corn maze. It was tons of fun. Unfortunately, not all of my friends could join us. Because I work in a special program for kids who are emotionally disturbed, they have to earn a ticket to go on the field trip. Basically, don't assault anyone, don't threaten anyone, and don't run away from school. They seem like pretty standard rules, I know.. but they are broken on an hourly basis.

When we returned from our field trip, one little guy who didn't make it turned to me and said, "You know what isn't fair?" Knowing full well this was going to be good, I said, "No, sweetie. What's not fair?" His reply? "You got to go on the field trip and you're not always safe. You climb on the counters-- that's not safe AND you didn't come to school yesterday-- that's REALLY not safe."

Apparently it's not safe for me to stay home from school when I have the flu. Who knew?