Monday, October 18, 2010

One of these things is not like the other...

Why is it when one part of your life becomes organized, another one slips through the cracks?

Because Maryland is having so much fun debating between fall and summer weather, my house looks like a tornado blew through. Seriously. I have fall clothes and summer clothes battling it out over which season is going to stay in style. I live in approximately 600 square feet, so you can imagine that space is at a premium. It just isn't enough room for two seasons of clothes to be out and about.

I'm drowning in a sea of clothes! I know it's not the worst thing that could happen, but for someone who is a wee bit neurotic, it's a little difficult to manage.

So I have to know, ladies, how do you organize your clothes for in between seasons with limited space? What am I doing wrong here?


Nat said...

I wish I had advice but I'm currently suffering from the same problem... I've been doing a lot of layering so I can de-layer when it's over 70 after lunch.

Lil' Woman said...

I keep a couple must have tees and tanks that I like to put under my shirts out, everything else gets packed away.