Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Silly Kids...

Overheard today...

"No, no. The quarter is the one with the guy with a pony tail on it." "Yo! Ms. L.. why does that man on the quarter have a pony tail? Who ever heard of a white guy with a pony tail?"

"My boo boo smells funny. (whispers) boogers! Stinky green booooooooooooogers!"

"You know what? I think I'm going to be a bird. I want to migrate to Africa, too! But I'll come back in the spring because I don't want to go to fourth grade in Africa."

"Why do they call fall autumn? Why not just call it fall? That's it's name. Fall. Because the leaves fall. Not autumn because leaves can't autumn. Autumn is not an action word."

"Sometimes I get so sick of Lil' Man. He's just so annon..anno.. annoying. Annoying? Is that right? Ugh. Never mind. I get sick of him because he bugs me."

**I know you're jealous that I get to talk about boogers, migrating, and action words. All in the same day.**


Jamie said...

hahaha oh my goodness! I just love reading all the funny things your kiddos say!

Tickled Pink said...

These are great!! Thanks for sharing!