Monday, March 28, 2011

Indoor Recess...

Indoor recess is always a good time for overhearing snippets of conversation when those kiddos are in their element and think their teacher isn't listening. (Word to the wise, kiddos. I'm actually listening MORE because this is when you normally get into lots of trouble)
Lil' Miss Diva: "Who wants to play house with me?!"
Lil' Man: "I will. I'll be the dad. What are you going to be?"
Lil' Miss Diva: "I'll be the cat!"
Lil' Man: "Ugh. I don't want to be the lonely old cat man. That's dumb. Be like a dog. A dog is way more manly."
Lil' Miss Diva: "I'm having trouble with a FRRRRRRRRRRRiend!"
Me: "Oh yeah? What's that?"
Lil' Miss Diva: "He knocked down my stupid dog house!"
Lil' Man: "I saw what happened. I don't think Lil Big Man did it on purpose. I think Lil Big Man, the pretend dog did it. So, really.. it's not a problem with a friend. It's a problem with a make-believe dog."
Me: "How can we solve this?"
Lil' Man: "Kill the dog?"
Lil' Man: "Wow! You have a weird belly button."
Lil Big Man: "It's because I'm husky. Husky means big boned."


Jamie said...

haha I love that last convo!