Tuesday, November 15, 2011

F@rt Guns

Please pardon the interruption... (you know, the silence that has been pretty constant for a few weeks now on this here blog. No excuses, just lack of content. i.e. I'm super boring.)
This little gem of a story was just what I needed to break the funk. The blog funk.
One little fella from one of the other classes was playing with my little darling when I overheard him talking about guns. Curious about what the boys might actually be up to, I cleared my throat and reminded them, "Boys. Remember, we don't talk about guns in school."

The little fella turned to me and said, "But I'm talking about a gun everybody has."

"Ugh, what? A gun we all have?", I asked him curiously.

"Yes! A fart gun! You know," he said, pointing to his behind, "toot, toot, toot! A fart gun!"

I began laughing uncontrollably because I'm that mature.

Where do they get their material? Kids.


Lil' Woman said...

Lol...I might have to use this the next time I blast one off :)