Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vom City

Ya'll.. I almost vommed. Straight up vom in my mouth in front of my kids.

All because I fall for peer pressure every.single.time.

My assistant was all like, "Something smells funky. What could it be?"
And I'm all like, "Uh. I have no clue." She did some crazy recon
mission and looked all over to find the culprit of the smell.

She found it, all right and proceeded to make my intern smell it. Then
she asked me to smell it and I immediately said, "No way. I'm no
fool." They were egging me on even more and I fell for the peer

I took a baby whiff. Just a small one. Tiny, even.

And BAM! It hit me like a ton of bricks and before I knew it, I was
gagging and vomming in my mouth.

In front of the kids.

I ran out of there so quickly, swallowed, and went back with a smile
on my face. Well, after I rinsed out my mouth of course.

Go ahead, sign me up for teacher of the year award. I got this.