Thursday, November 11, 2010


You know how you try to be the best at everything you do? And I mean try really hard. You give 110% and more no matter what the circumstances?
What about the days when you give it your all and it's just not enough? Those are the kind of days that really make you want to stay in bed and ignore it all. Unfortunately, you can't. Because you have responsibilities. A job. People who are counting on you.
I feel like a horrible teacher... my kids aren't making the progress I had hoped for. The progress I expected. The progress they need to make in order to pass those darn standardized tests. You know, those ones that my job might depend on. It doesn't matter that I had a kid improve his reading fluency by 25 words per minute in just 8 weeks. No, that doesn't matter because he's still reading below grade level. Or the child who can identify coins, but can't count the total. Nevermind that she didn't know ANY values when I got her 9 weeks ago.
I'm a horrible blogger... I read a lot of blogs during my lunch break, at school, on google reader. Meaning I can't comment. Oh and I have been really slacking on the updates. Mainly because I get home from school, do more work, and then zonk out. (Or I go to watch the Monday Night Football game and don't get home until midnight. On a school night. Oops.)
I'm a horrible friend... I have a million cards to send out, people to check in on, and people to actually see. But, I haven't.
I'm a horrible daughter... I didn't call my dad last night to check in on him. He had surgery on Tuesday and I should've called, but I was busy doing schoolwork then fell asleep at 8:30, while sitting at the computer.
I'm really trying to keep a positive attitude. I promise I am. But sometimes when it comes at you from every angle, it's hard to see which way is up.
Today is a new day. Hopefully a better day.


Lori's Mom said...

I think you need to take some time for yourself. A nice, relaxing soak in the tub with your Kindle. A pedicure with a friend. A phone chat with your mom to remind you that you are a wonderful teacher, a great friend, and a terrific daughter!! Love ya tons!