Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Lovin'...

Things I'm loving right now....

Hello amazingness, my name is Lori. Pleased to meet you.

These little lovelies? Perfection. In a bottle. #1, it's wine. #2, it's mini. #3, it's cheap. # 4, no more wasting a bottle of wine because I only want one glass.
(courtesy of the beverage store)

I can thank Mrs. Steck for this amazingness, as she gifted me a set for being a part of her special day. She's the best for feeding my wine indulgences. (Love, Love, Love you, Jessica!)

Look at that face!

Currently, she's curled up on the couch with her head on my lap. Earlier? She wouldn't come in the house because the dryer was on. I had to carry her inside. She has a little PTSD from a dryer incident this summer involving Grandma Sue, Grandma Deb, and Great Grandma Joyce. Oi vey.

Kindle, I heart you.

My awesome parents gifted this to me for my birthday. Now I don't have to carry two books in my purse for fear of being without a book at all times. Not only does it feed my desire for reading, it's super cute too. I look like a tech-saavy nerd when I'm reading. Dorky glasses not required.


Lizzie said...

LOVE the little bottles of WINE!!! I need to find me some of those! :) Love you!