Sunday, August 21, 2011


So much is swirling in my mind, so that means you're stuck with bullets.

  • Today is my last Sunday without the Sunday Blues. We have tomorrow off then we start back with kids on Tuesday. The next few weeks are going to be b.u.s.y. with school and moving.
  • Mommy comes on Thursday. She's going to help with the move. While I'm glad she's coming, I'm sad we're going to be so busy while she's here.
  • I have the cutest niece in the entire world. Miss Stella is 6 months old and absolutely amazing. I may have spoiled her rotten this weekend. Her mom is the daughter of my M.O.M.and she lives in DC, meaning I get to have slumber parties with her whenever I like. Her mommy loves it because I get to spoil her while she gets things done and Zoey loves it because she has a fenced in yard. I may or may not have taken two REALLY long naps with her cuddled up in my arms.
  • Having a beautiful niece means my ovaries scream almost every day about why they haven't had the chance to get in on the fun. While babies are totally cute and adorable, I'm not quite ready to be blessed with one. Some day, hopefully.
  • My cousin, S, just got engaged! This means lots of extra trips home and wedding planning galore. I'm so excited for her and I she has honored me with the title of maid of honor. Let's just pray she doesn't dress us in horrible dresses. I already warned her about the wrath of moi should she decide on something god awful. She's a pretty trendy lady, so I don't think I'll have to worry about that.
  • I'm moving in less than a week and I'm SO excited to have a town house with a roommate. Hello slumber parties, wine nights, and a built in dog sitter. It's been a while since I've lived with a roommate, so here's to hoping I remember how to be on my best behavior.
Off to catch up on my DVR and enjoy my last Sunday of the summer... What are YOU doing on this spectacular Sunday?!