Friday, September 16, 2011

Excuses, Excuses...

I'm super lame at blogging lately. In my defense, though, I am just getting back into the swing of things with school starting, a new place, a new roommate, a new dog (the roomie's dog), and grad classes.

Basically, my day consists of waking up, going to school, staying late, coming home, watching the dogs engage in wrestle mania, yelling at the dogs, chatting with my roommate, doing schoolwork (either work or grad class), washing my face, going to bed. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

A few little funnies along the way, though.

John Cena, Jr: "Ms. L! Why I gotta tell you these words all the time?"
Me:  "So you can be a fabulous reader! These are words we see all the time when we read and we can't sound them out because they are rule breakers. So we're going to keep practicing to be all star readers!"
JCJ: "Can't we just tell everyone I can read?"

No, Johnny Jr. we can't tell them that. It's actually my job to teach you. Even though you don't want to learn and tell me that on a semi-regular basis.

A past kiddo had the audacity to tell me, "My new teacher is my favorite teacher. You were just my longest teacher."

Um, excuse me buddy? I put up with your shenanigans for 3 years. I taught you to read. I taught you to actually be a decent human being. She's put up with you for like 32 seconds and she takes my reigning title? Kids. No respect.

And... I may or may not have accidentally tripped over the SMARTBoard (it has yet to be hung.. grrrr.) and fell flat on my face. My kiddos came to my rescue and were very concerned for my safety. They suggested we tell the principal it had to be hung up immediately so nobody else would get hurt.

My little cutie pie has started talking up a storm! He's normally non-verbal and while that was utterly obnoxious, it's difficult to discourage his talking even when he's interrupting me. He totally comes out with some funny stuff and is a little parrot. He's all bossy and shiz to my other kid and the other kid (who is approximately 89 times his size and 2 grades older) totally takes it. I have to hide my laughter.

But thank goodness it's Friday. I need a break.