Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunshiney people

As most of you know, I just moved in with one of my girlfriends and we are totally digging our new pad. The pups get along famously and we spend most of our evenings giggling like little school girls. It's seriously like being in college again, only I have responsibility now. That part stinks, but it also provides an income so I can do fun things like drink wine, get my toes done, and make trips to Tar-jay on a semi-regular basis.
The only downfall? She's a morning person and I'm a peppy person approximately 80% of the time. Sure, we all have our moments but 6 AM is not one of mine. She's all, "Good morning!" and I'm all, "Grrrr." She's all perky and making breakfast and coffee and I'm all, "Grrr. Give me 5 more minutes. Grrr."
I may or may not have had to sit her down and fill her in on my morning shenanigans. Talking to me before 7 AM and expecting a response other than a grunt just ain't going to happen.
I laugh about it (after 7 AM, natch) because my dad used to say he couldn't talk to me until after I showered, did my hair, and got my make up on. Which is almost 100% true, except on the weekends because I usually don't get up and shower immediately. So that means it's usually about an hour after I get up. And totally on my own terms.
So ladies.. how many of you are all peppy, perky, glowing rays of sunshine in the AM?


Lil' Woman said...

Not I. :)

Anonymous said...

So NOT a morning person. It actually takes me a couple hours to really feel alive. This does not translate well at work.