Friday, September 16, 2011


Remember how I moved recently?

My new address is all of one number off of my old address (with a totally different road name, town, and zip code...) and I effed up and typed the wrong address for the DMV when I changed it online. No biggie, right? WRONG. I didn't notice until AFTER I returned from the DMV to renew my driver's license.

The license I waited in line for an hour to get.

The one that cost me $30.

The one I literally got less than 3 hours prior to realizing my mistake.

Turns out they cost money to be replaced. And you can get a ticket for having an invalid driver's license.

To make matters worse? I realized it as I was walking into the gyne*cologists office and was almost hit by a car because I was walking down aisle with my head down, paying no attention to the driver who was driving balls to the wall to make their appointment. Seriously. Who is that excited to go to the gyne*cologist?

Probably the same person who pays $30 for a driver's license that is valid for 5 years with the WRONG address.


Anonymous said...

Easy fix. Go online and do a change of address. The MVA mails you an address change card that you carry along with the license. I've changed my address about 5 times like that! And you can do it from your couch!