Thursday, August 7, 2008


I swear everyone around me either has a baby or has a baby on the way. Weird that we're getting so old. Every time my phone rings or I get an email, I swear it includes the words "We're expecting!" Seriously, folks... I'm going to be P-O-O-R paying for all of those baby presents on top of all the wedding gifts we're buying. Oh well, at least they are baby presents for other babies and not our own!

On a side note, I'm starting to get a little anxious for school to start. For those of you who don't know, I will be working in a classroom that has all children with emotional impairments who were not successful in a regular school. I will definitely be good for a few stories this school year. You know, complete with f*bombs, hitting, kicking, screaming, biting, etc. While I'm totally looking forward to the challenge, I'm so nervous for another school year to start. I've been through this twice before. It's not that I'm not prepared (I've worked three days in my classroom this week!) but I just get so nervous for the first day of school. And, in the past.. being a special education teacher who just pulls kids, I haven't had to bring my A-game on the first day of school. We didn't pull kids the first week. So I had a week to put my feet in the water and get used to it. This year? Not so much.

But... I have a week of vacation with my hubby, the dogs, my parents, hubby's parents, and their two dogs, and my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. That's eight adults and four dogs. Camping. For a week. I'm going to be tired out after this.

Oh! I just remembered, to add to my anxiety-- I will be busy for the next four weekends. Unless hubby can find someone to take my place on the NY trip. Talk about stress!