Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down...

Okay, since I'm a teacher.. and all of us teachers are a rare breed... I'm used to playing the thumbs up/down game. You know, you give a positive part of your day and a not-so-positive part of the day. Since I can't really think of anything witty (the back-to-school tiredness has kicked in!) I'll fall back on the up/down.

So for the downer.. ucky training today that caused me to think (approximately 97,648 times..) "I have better things to do with my time than sitting here listening to x,y, and z!" BUT I did get a good lunch and there was a teacher's store right next to our lunch spot so I got the little footprints I needed for my floor.

The up? Well... I found just the cutest dog in the neighborhood (no we didn't keep him, Mom!) and he belongs to the cutest family in the neighborhood with the cutest Mommy in the cutest house (the Victorian ones, Mom!). Seriously, this little guy was just a gem! He walked up to us while I was taking Big Dog and Little Dog for a walk, joined our walk, and came all the way home with us. He didn't have an address on his tag, just a phone number. He walked with us the whole way without a leash and just walked right into the house when we did! He was seriously cute. So I called up cute Mommy and told her I'd walk him to her house because she had three kids eating dinner. After babysitting for three children for 5 years, I know just how hectic any time of day can be.. let alone dinner. So I hopped over there with him, with a leash on just in case he ran into the street, and met cute Mommy and family.

Just because she was so cute, I told her we'd dog sit anytime she needed someone. I suppose it wasn't just her cuteness, but also the cute dog and the fact that he got along so well with my hooligans.

And... hubby's taking me out to dinner tonight. So I don't have to cook. How nice of him!


Ashley said...

I didn't know you signed up for the swap! The partners are posted so much sure that you check yours out and email them about you.

Trust me.. it's fun