Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday "workout"

Okay, so hubby and I have been talking about doing Tai Chi at the gym since we joined (two years ago..) and just haven't gotten around to it. Since hubby is training for the marathon, he's looking for other things to do to keep him stretched. We totally thought Tai Chi would be for us. You know, relaxing, stretching, deep breathing. Fun, right?

Maybe if you don't mind not talking for an hour (which I CANNOT do!) and trying not to make eye contact with your husband for fear that you'll break down into a fit of laughter.

I'm sure it's great for some people, but it's not for us. We're not all about the slow-motion martial arts, finding our "chi", and deep breathing. I spent the whole time wondering if I could find my chi even though I wasn't breathing correctly. At least we had a good laugh AND he took me to breakfast!

A side story... yesterday, hubby comes into the house and tells me that something is wrong with his car. I immediately panic (because that's what I do) and think, "Crap! Ashley just spent like $1,000 on her car.. we can't be doing that!" So I ask him what's up. He explains that when he stops, especially suddenly, there's a loud clanking sound. Crap! That can't be good, right? Breaks shouldn't clank. I tell him we'll keep an eye on it and if it continues, we'll have to take it in.

Later on in the day, we're heading to the store in his car. He reminds me to listen for the noise. Well, we break and I hear it. But it totally sounds like it's inside the car and not coming from the car itself. I reach under his seat and pull out.... a HANGER! Yes, a plastic hanger.

I about died laughing and proudly proclaimed, "That's blog-worthy babe!" and he gave me permission to tease him on here. He's so wonderful.