Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bargain shopping

Okay, I'll be the first to admit-- I'm a bit of a clothes snob. My mother made me this way. We shop because we like it, not because we have to. We go to the trendy stores. We love name brands. We're brats like that.

However, once you get married and start living on your own... sometimes things have to change. So I've started shopping around a bit. Grab a cute Target shirt here, a pair of Payless Shoes there, a little Old Navy on top, and throw in a Gap or two just to round it out.

I've met my match. Feline's Basement! LOVE it. I normally hate bargain stores. They never have my size, I can't find the color I like, and most of all-- I actually have to look for things. The instant gratification part of me hates it, but the bargain shopper in me loves finding a good deal!

So far I've purchased a dress, pair of dress pants, two pairs of dress capris, a pair of shoes, and a top and I've been pleased with what I've gotten. The dress fit like a gem. The capris were a size smaller than I normally wear (woo hoo!) and the pants were half off and I didn't even know it! I'm not particularly impressed with their shoe section, but that's okay because DSW is in the same complex and I can use the exercise to walk the 100 yards to it.

Anyone else out there know of any places to find a good bargain?

And... for dinner tonight? Vegetable lasagna. DELISH. And the bonus? The recipe actually is doubled, so you instantly make an extra pan of it and freeze it. That means two dinners with the hassle of one. If you haven't gotten "Taste of Home" or "Simple and Delicious", you don't know what you're missing. The magazines are full of recipes that are quick and easy and we LOVE everything we've made from it. Plus, they are like $10 for a year. Go do it. Now.