Saturday, August 2, 2008


My goodness, it's August. August? That means we start school this month. Ugh. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were just letting out for summer break!

So much to do this month, too! Next week, I will be working hard in my classroom to get it organized and put together for the school year and making sure I have everything I need for a successful school year (please note, this will be my first year setting up a classroom on my own.. the past two years I have had help and lots of it). Hubby's parents will be here either Tuesday or Wednesday, and we'll kick off the start of our vacation. Then on Friday we'll head down to Shenandoah and meet up with my parents. It'll be one big happy family vacation. I'm really looking forward to it!

On another side note- hubby and I have never been on a vacation just the two of us. We've always had vacations with other people... my parents, his parents, both of our parents, friends... never just us. Is that strange? I think it is. What if he finds out he hates going on vacation with just me because I'm boring? Eeks!

Anyway, back to the month of August. So we're on vacation, then we come back and we're supposed to head up to NYC for a Yankee's game. Then I head back to school for Teacher Work Week. Which isn't really teacher's working.. it is more like training and meetings. After that, I head to Chicago for a family wedding. Upon my return? The First Day of School!

So August will be a busy, busy, busy month. And one full of stress, stress, stress! I don't do busy very well and I don't do stress very well... so it'll be interesting.

If I tell you next year that I'm cramming all of my summer adventures into one month.. or 3 weeks... remind me that I'm crazy. Thanks.