Monday, December 1, 2008

Bathtub+Bone=Happy Big Dog

Big Dog decided that the best place to eat her bone while I was using the bathroom was...

the bathtub.

Now, you must know that Big Dog has an insane obsession with the bathtub. But she took it to another level when she was eating her bone in it. Weird.

Does anyone else have pets out there who think they must join you in the restroom? Or a crazy dog who thinks the bathtub might be the coolest place on earth? (unless the water is running and I want to give her a bath, of course)


Sue said...

On those mornings when I treat myself to a leisurely, read a book, kind of bath . . . Tucker loves to join me. Why? Well, obivously because he loves to eat the soap or lick the shampoo off my hair! And yep, if left unattended he will get into the tub just to have the opportunity to munch on a bar of soap!