Monday, December 29, 2008


Dear ESPN,

Although I think you're good at babysitting my husband, sometimes you get in the way of things. Like Saturday night, for example. I was happily dancing with my husband and started serenading him. He was completely unaffected by my singing and when I asked why he was not paying attention to me, he proudly stated..."I was watching ESPN on the big screen behind you."

Seriously? Do you have to follow me to the dance floor?

We're going to need to talk about this. I can't have you crashing the sweet moments I have with my husband. It's not often I get him to dance.



littlesack said...

too funny! I like how you called it "babysitting." Ps- i can't believe you didn't cry at Marley and me. I refuse to even see it because I know I will be hysterical the entire time.