Friday, December 12, 2008

I Love Him, But...

I hate when he runs errands with me.

Seriously, the man thinks it's cool to be in and out of a store in under 5 minutes.

Actual conversation in Tarjay today...

Me: Honey, isn't this fun?
Him: Ugh.. what?
Me: Look at these pj's.
Him: They look like something my grandma would wear.
Me: Okay, maybe.. but I would like some new pj's.
Him: How about you just wear my old t-shirts to bed?
Me: Seriously?
Him: Are you ready to go?
Me: Um.. no. This is fun for me. I love to wander around Tarjay and dream.
Him: You dream in Tarjay?
Me: Ugh. Never mind.

He doesn't get it, probably never will. I love Tarjay. I love wandering and looking at everything. I enjoy just thinking about things I want, need, or hate. I make fun of things while I'm there. You know, like who uses the tacky hot pink Christmas lights? Or who buys a pumpkin wreath? I just enjoy wandering. I can often be found attempting to build an outfit and then putting it back. It's relaxing to me, I'm out of the house, and I'm doing something I enjoy: shopping. Even if I don't buy anything, it's still fun for me.

Not so much for hubby. And he rushes me and then I just get annoyed with him. It's a good thing he's cute, otherwise I might trade him in for a gay man who could join me on shopping sprees.