Monday, December 8, 2008

Rhyme Time...

The following is a glimpse into my rhyming lesson today...

Me: I sat on a rock. What rhymes with rock?
Kid: C*ock. C*ck, rock.
Me: You're right, c*ock rhymes with.. wait, did you say c*ck?
Kid: No.. c*OCK.
(at this point my assistant is dying laughing at me for repeating the word c*ock twice)
Me: Ohh... clock. Yes, clock rhymes with rock.

Fast forward about 20 minutes later... working with my 2nd graders on making words.

Me: Let's think about the -it family. Give me some words with -it in them.
1st kid: kit.
2nd kid: pit.
1st kid: lit.
1st kid: fit.
2nd kid: mit, rit, dit, bit, sit.
1st kid: (laughing to himself) I have one!
Me: Oh yeah? What is it?
1st kid: I bet you can't guess it!!
Me: Try me.
1st kid: (sounding it out...) it starts with shhhhhhhhhhhh... and ends in...
Me: Don't you dare, dude. Not cool. Curse words are ugly words. We only use kind words in this classroom. Now what's another word you can come up with?
3rd kid: Mrs. L.... he's trying to say sh!t!

::rolls eyes::

Me: Okay, we're not studying the -it family anymore.