Saturday, December 13, 2008

I've Been Busy...

Today has been a busy, busy day!

What started out as just a quick trip to Michael's turned into a full fledged shopping spree! You see, the Michael's by my house didn't have what I needed. So I had to run to the next town over to check out their selection. Well, that store happens to be right next to a Linens 'n Things which is going out of business (read-- HUGE sales) and I just had to stop in.

Here's a run down of my purchases.

Two dining room chairs. Original price? $99.99 each. Sale price? $49.99. Actual price? $24.99
While they didn't have a complete set, I'm cool with it because I figure we can find a set of 4 chairs that compliment them and use the two of these on the end.

New bedspread, pillow shams, and decorative pillows. Original price? $99.99. Sale price? $49.99
What a deal! And it matches perfectly with the room.
(Notice Big Dog in the middle of the bed- she loves to destroy make the bed) And no, that's not an inappropriate bedroom toy in the bed with her, it's her bone that just happens to look like a sex toy. Hubby and I make fun of it every time we see the dogs playing with it.
And, another view. I can't ever decide if I like the curtains opened or closed. What do you think?

I did make it to Michael's to get the canning jars to make homemade hot cocoa mix as gifts. I'm pretty excited about how they turned out. I'll post pictures of them later.
Hubby LOVES the new bedroom set as much as I do. We both crawled in bed and invited the dogs to have a little middle of the afternoon slumber party! I'm actually pretty excited to go to sleep tonight. There's nothing like clean sheets and a new bedroom set.


Jessis said...

I like them open! And your room looks AWESOME!