Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bitter Betsy, Party of 1

Okay.. more bitterness. I would apologize, but it's my blog and I need an outlet.

First of all, yesterday was our anniversary. I had grand plans of hanging out with friends, enjoying the snowfall, drinking a beer or five, and genuinely enjoying my time with friends (who have become my family because I'm 500 miles from family).

Then? Mother Nature decided to rear her ugly face and dump us with almost two feet of snow, leaving all of metro DC paralyzed. Leaving me alone, feeling trapped and pretty down in the dumps. Thankfully, my fabulous neighbors swooped in and invited me over for some coffee and company. I was very thankful to talk to someone other than the Little Dog. She's great company and all, but being snowed in was enough to make me want to go ca-ra-zy!

Now? I'm all sorts of sad about having to leave Little Dog for a while. She's going back home with him for the holidays because he's driving and I'm flying. So now we're trying to figure out how to do the dog transfer with all this snow. I'm plowed in, so I can't get out.. meaning he'll probably have to come get her. Is it bad that I asked him to bring a shovel and at least help me get out? I figure it's the least he can do, after all. And talking to him makes me want to scream.. so I can only imagine what seeing him face to face will be like.

Plus, I'm super sad about not being able to see his family this year. I love them like they are my own and always look forward to Christmas Eve at his grandparents. Now I won't even get to see them again. Who knew, last year was my last Christmas with them? I certainly didn't. I know it'll be an adjustment period and new traditions will start, but this has been what I've done for the past 5 years. I will certainly miss it this year.

The silver lining in all of this? I'm surrounded by wonderful friends and will get to see my family in just a few days (even if I'm pretty much a scrooge this year-- divorce will do that to you).


Ashley said...

Crap, I wish I had known. I'm glad you were able to get out of your house for a little bit.

Good luck with the dog transfer. Let us know how it goes. How often are you guys talking?

Ashley said...

at least no school tomorrow-- small silver lining

Mom said...

But, just think, he's going to have to explain to his grandparents (who love you dearly!) why you're not there this year! Wouldn't you love to be a part of THAT conversation? : )

Scott said...
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Lil' Woman said...

If I lived up north I would have come to your rescue : ) Keep your head up girl and if you need anyone to bitch to I'm hear to listen! :)