Friday, June 11, 2010

Heated Debate

I just had a pretty heated debate with two of my students.
The little girl (who drew the picture) explains that it's a drawing of her wearing a tu-tu. I can totally see that.
Her little friend (a boy) seems to think it's a drawing of her with a fart bubble behind her. He explains further, "When you fart, you release gas from your bottom. I really think the gas for a girl should be a pink color because, well, it's coming from a girl and girls like pink. So if it was a cartoon drawing, which it is because you didn't draw real arms and real legs and there aren't any ballerina shoes so really it's a cartoon not a real picture of you doing ballerina stuff, you would have a gas balloon coming from behind you. So I'm pretty sure it's a cartoon of you farting. Really." I can actually kind of see that, too.
Thankfully, the little girl has three brothers. She's used to their ways. Otherwise, I may have had a really sad ballerina.


Allison said...

OY! kids are too funny :)

Lil' Woman said...

He makes a good :)