Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I thought long and hard about doing a play-by-play of the day because I just knew it was going to be hil.ar.i.ous. My little angel students cannot handle change and a lot of them have some attachment issues while others have some separation issues. It's actually quite a comical combo.
Here are some highlights:
"Ugh! Lil Mr. Squirmy is making me so angry I just want to growl!"
"Ms. L, why do the boys tell you they hate you but now they tell you they love you? I think they're confused. Are all boys confused or just them?" Oh Lil Miss Drama Queen, it's all boys.. they're really confused.
"Ms. L, what are you going to do all summer when we're not here? Isn't summer boring without kids?" notsomuch
"You know how sometimes I make bad choices? If I promise to not make bad choices, will you be my mommy?" hellz no! I can barely tolerate you for the 8 hours I have you in class. I'd die if I had to live with you!
School's out for the summer!


littledaisymay said...

Your kiddos are so funny! Have a wonderful summer!

Lori's mom said...

Just because school is out doesn't give you an excuse to quit blogging! I need a frequent blog "fix" from you!! But wait, you'll have summer school stories, right?