Thursday, June 17, 2010


The World's Worst Morning turned into a Good Morning, with a very unlikely cast of characters.

The villain today will be played by none other than Little Miss Zoey (I know, strange...she's a princess) and the hero will be played by my ex. (Wait! It's not what you think..)

Zoey pooped, if you can even call it that, all over the living room in the middle of the night so I woke up to about seven runny areas of feces on my sparkling hardwood floors. Seriously, they are sparkling-- I just super cleaned them. So instead of sipping a nice glass of coffee and eating breakfast after I woke up, I was cleaning up after the dog with an occasional dry heave thrown in for good measure. My annoyance with her somehow reminded me that I needed to find someone to watch her this weekend, as my original dog sitters are going out of town and my backup will be on vacation (that's what I get for knowing so many teachers-- they are all on vacation!). In a near panic, I decide that I'm going to text my ex. After all, she is his dog, too. Turns out, he's available and was able to save the day. Or at the very least, the morning.

I'm so lucky to have a decent relationship with my ex. I know not everyone can say that. It really makes dealing with all of the emotions that much easier when I get to take hate out of the equation.

And now? Now I'm off to do math all day! The nerd inside me is super excited. Seriously.


Lil' Woman said...

That's great that you guys can still have a civil relationship....alot of people sometimes can't.